Congratulations to our December Member of the Month, Rhonda A. White, CNHP!

Stress rejection is very important to me and should be to others because Stress is one of the top causes for heart attacks and other sicknesses. I have always been an advocate for others to live a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy Life! My life’s path has led me to be a Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP) for over 17 years and, I have had a great passion to help others “Get Educated and not just Medicated” and taught people how to ADD Years to their Lives! I conduct a Seminar with Teachers across the U.S. titled: “How to Turn your Stress to SUCCESS”(by using your “Gifts to Lift” you and others around you…including their students who usually need it; I also teach them the power of speaking powerful Declarations/Affirmations of Truth and to speak what you want not what is happening right now; but what you really Want…SUCCESS in all you’re doing and BEing)!

I believe a healthy lifestyle can be aided by natural Herbs; and I have been blessed to assist several Health/Wholeness clients throughout the years (including Les Brown, Dottie Peoples, Darwin Hobbs, Bishop Long, Bishop Carswell, Vanessa Bell Armstrong and many more). I have studied and discovered through the years that the Herbs cited below have been a great help to me and thousands of others:

  • Stress Aid
    (Has all your B-Complex vitamins in it and Kava Kava, Valerian Root, Hops and more – many truly see the difference the first night and still love this Natural Stress Rejecter)!
  • Aloe Vera and LiFiber
    (A Colon cleanser that helps to keep your colon clean and healthy and you less grouchy or irritable)! smile
  • CoQ10
    (Can naturally reduce your Blood Pressure and Diabetes and balance your body/immune system…)
  • Paraway Plus
    (A De-wormer to rid your entire body yearly of harmful Parasites/Worms that can cause Sickness, Stress, and mood swings) for more info see my website. (

Stress rejection and reduction is very important in all areas of my life and I encourage my friends and family to apply as much fun and positive people daily to their lives to reject stress! I would like to also mention how much I love your Self Love – Self Care Relaxation CD – it is awesome (congrats on an incredible and very beneficial tool for all ages). I also strongly encourage everyone to LAUGH…LAUGH…LAUGH and to try to watch a clean Comedy Movie 2-4 times a month! Also, I encourage them to take a walk or exercise 15-30min. daily or every other day, get at least 6-8 hours a day of sleep, sit in silence to hear the Spirit for direction to prevent making the wrong moves each day or cause unnecessary havoc in their life, eat fiber and drink filtered water to assure a better digestive flow and to help you “Eliminate so you can Illuminate!” smile (and for more wholeness tips see my website).

I am personally serious about making sure NO ONE is allowed to “contaminate my environment or cause me stress” because I keep my atmosphere protected with peace, joy, love, fun, The Golden Rule, The Fruit of the Spirit and understanding as much as possible. I understand this quote God gave me and it is SO TRUE: “Adversity ONLY comes to Advance You!” So I hold that truth in my mind and spirit in every situation (to see the lesson in it for me and what good can be gained from it and grow).

Blessings and thank you for this honor – everyone Continue to Soar like never before!

Rhonda A. White, CNHP

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